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A Reverie on entropy

This past six months has been enriching and incredible. Finishing my post graduation in fine arts with honors at Massey University Wellington. Here are some of the pieces I have created alongside my research paper on The Post Digital Artefact.

My paper has researched the benefits of digital fabrication as part process for the contemporary artist. To do this, I researched and provided examples of contemporary artists utilizing computer technologies to create works that are not possible to form by hand and how these technologies have emerged as recognized art practices. There is no longer a demarcation between handmade and digital made, these disciplines for artists are feeding into one another, it has become a recursive process. Twenty years ago, in Design school, my thesis researched how the computer was being utilized to generate art across a broad range of media, including computer graphics in the film industry, games, the web and digital art.

My intention for my final body of work is a 3 dimensional ocean surface within a carved cavity, recessed within a monolithic style block, the back side of the sculpture presents the observer with a billowing cloud, the other side a surface of the ocean. Presented upon a lit plinth,  in front of a digital printed oil painting of a cloud. This enables the viewer to walk between the two pieces, when in front of the resin sculpture the two merge and become one optically. It leaves the optical process of bringing the two pieces together in the mind of the viewer, potentially more interesting than my previous works that simply placed the colored print behind the resin sculpture leaving no exploration or participation on the part of the viewer. A conversation between the two pieces stemming from previous content of the relationship between the clouds and ocean. The color from the painting can be seen refracting within the acrylic sculpture of the cloud, the sculpture and painting becoming one, no longer a dichotomy.  The very phenomena of the color transferring across the gallery space to be collected and refracted into the waves of water, like we see happening in reality, to me is the most interesting aspect. A sculpture painting. Between the digital and the analogue. Stopped motion, compressed time, an infinite moment. Between stasis and potential activity.

Reverie on entropy  perspex sculpture  65x60cm  2019

Reverie on entropy

perspex sculpture