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'the temple of all life'


Keepsake of the ocean.  A framed body of water. Water is symbolic of our emotions, we are surrounded by it, our bodies made up of it. This computer simulated ocean pattern is captured in the medium of wood. Throughout history water has been a symbol of our emotions. Nature is to be protected, we are the custodians of earth and sea and all creatures that inhabit it. There is something very finite about placing a frame around the ocean, it gives a border to the artwork, a space between what is real and what is not real. A window to the soul, the setting of a jewel. It holds the contents as precious.

A little bit about the colour, french ultramarine.
“Even the finest natural ultramarine, ground assiduously by hand, is riddled with odd minerals: calcite, pyrite, augite, mica. These deposits cause the light to be refracted and transmitted in subtly different ways. No two strokes of paint are the same in their fundamental composition. Stand at the right angle and you might catch a quiet glimmer of white or gold, like a prick of light from some distant province of the cosmos.” 


Butsudan ‘the temple of all life’
Oil on wooden 3d sculpture
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