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New Series Fractured Light

fractured light

"Abstract art has shown that the qualities of line and shape, proportion and colour convey meaning directly without the use of words or pictorial representation. Drawn lines and marks can be expressive without any association with a representational image."

Abstract Impressionism, these words, for all they can represent, feel like a good description for  where my practice is currently heading. This current body of work, Fractured Light, is exploring light and reflection, billowing clouds, a fleeting glimpse of dappled light, a dissolving reflection of the sea, memories of the elementary with a hint of the digital. A visual language, deriving from Cy Twombly and his predecessor Claude Monet, his love of light and motion. A new technique has been developed over the last two years, that represents a memory, as opposed to a literal interpretation of reality. It is definitely in keeping with my practice, of crossing the bridge of both traditional and contemporary. Here are a few pieces, which is a culmination of the last three years, developing a style, a language to communicate color, motion and content.