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virtual reality


New beginnings, new ideas, new content and themes. The start of an idea that has whirled around in my head for a good few years. My new series is focusing on the figure. In particular motion of the figure

through photographic image capture.  Nothing new to the world of fine arts, but definitely well worth exploring as it relates to our times, a snapshot of our time. We live in an age of digital manipulation, virtual reality, 3d immersive content, a world that is always in flux, transient, in motion. This series is seeking to explore that. Watching my children enter this

age brings about many experiences for them and myself as an observer, that are very different to my own childhood. So here begins "illustion of time". This series will be part of my Solo show

in May, along with a collection of transient Cloud paintings from the past year.

Belinda Griffiths : Solo Exhibition

1st of May, Cafe Polo, 6:30pm