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like thoughts inside a dream


There is something very finite about placing a frame around an artwork. The frame gives a border to an artwork, a space between what is real and what is not real. A window to the soul, the setting of a jewel. Up until the Abstract Expressionists did away with them, possibly due to it's old world thinking and the need for a new vernacular. Artworks became a frame-less portal on the wall.

Finding a little treasure like this brass frame in a second hand store is nothing short of a magical adventure, a step back in time. A collector has asked me to create a frame for her painting, wether to create a digital piece which reflects our time, or to create a traditional one by hand because in an age of 3d maybe it is creating a statement to rebel and make somehing


It gives the painting a different context, as did placing a cloud within a box as with my previous series Keepsake of a Cloud.

'Like thoughts inside of a dream'
(Softly into the twilight of night)
Oil on wood in vintage frame.