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along the road of dreams


Commission in progress, 'along the road of dreams'. The inspiration for this piece is again capturing a painting that feels like a recollection or memory. Giving dream like qualities to the paint texture and sunrise colours.

Morning light is unlike any other light during the day, both symbolically and literally. The prospects of a new day, a new dawn, a chance to try again. This painting, like a lot of others, chooses when it wants to show up. Some days that energy of the muse is there and others she's away on holidays. Those days are great for reading and sketching ideas. This one sort of appeared on her own, at times it really does feel like you are a vessel for something other than yourself, and you are the transcriber. A client had asked for a particular painting that has already sold, while recreating it and struggling to render the same painting, this one decided to show up. Also on my mind and of great influence is the recent film Blade Runner 2049.  As a huge fan of the original movie, Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, is now part of an epic saga with Blade Runner 2049, a masterpiece after its predecessor. Upon a second viewing it was a visually stunning sequel that adds amazing depth and questions to the original story line. The original film score by Vangelis, which is totally incredible and sets the tone for the whole world, is somehow still retained. The cinematography brings a contemporary but similar visual brilliance as seen in the first film. Staying true to the book and the thread of truth that a life is still a life, replicant or human. It is our humanity and empathy that is in question. Memories and recollections, a theme that recurs in my work.

Oil on canvas. 1000x400 mm