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refusal of nature


'refusal of nature' depicts a framed body of water. Water is symbolic of our emotions, we are surrounded by it, our bodies made up of it. This computer simulated ocean pattern is captured in the medium of wax and ready to be cast into the delicate translucent ancient technique of ceramic.

Pottery is one of the oldest human inventions, originating before the Neolithic period. This new series will be cast in the age-old medium of porcelain. Throughout history water has been a symbol of our emotions. We are surrounded by it, our bodies are made up of it. Nature is to be protected, we are the custodians of earth and sea and all creatures that inhabit it. There is something very finite about placing a frame around the ocean, it gives a border to the artwork, a space between what is real and what is not real. A window to the soul, the setting of a jewel. It holds the contents as precious.

#belindaGriffiths #contemporaryArt #sculpture #wax #ocean