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This one is fresh off the mill, there is something beautiful about raw wood.  This new design depicts the symmetrical world of nature.

It's really interesting to hear peoples feedback about what they actually see in these pieces. From a certain light I can see Buddha peacefully sitting cross legged. They provoke different responses, very much like the Rorschach tests of 1927 ,  used by some psychologists to test and examine a person's personality characteristics and emotional functioning. Mathematical symmetry found in nature I've often found fascinating, our own human form being a divisible copy of its self, a mirror. Since the earliest uses of pottery wheels, pottery has had a strong relationship to symmetry. Designed by me and fabricated by my vfx technical guru husband Ronnie Menahem, this collaborative project wouldn’t have been possible without his efforts and genius.

600mm diameter
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etched by the wind


The face of the ocean, etched by the wind, it's patterns and muted tones carved into wood. An organic, swirling dramatic ocean that binds us to the land. These intimate sized wall pieces, in subtle and naturalistic colors, you have the sense of a piece of the ocean stopped in a moment of time. Evoking memories of the seaside and the colossal unharnessed power of nature. A new technology has been developed in collaboration with my husband to bring these amazing works.

First created in 2014, the ocean wave series, etched by the wind has evolved from an idea to a reality. Just look at that incredible detail. Ready for the NZ Art Show.

A little insight into the process involved in creating a piece like ‘etched by the wind’

My final year of study thesis looked at the way art could embrace both traditional and modern mediums. A highly unique methodology has been researched and developed to create this engaging art piece. A hybrid of traditional and contemporary art practices, this piece culminates both eras of art making.

In collaboration with my vfx husband Ronnie, the software utilised to create the waves structures, allows for complex patterns, not easily formed by hand given natures intricacies, but possible with the advent of the computer married with mathematics. Driven by complex mathematical algorithms which are based in statistical models of deep ocean waves.

Then a time consuming process of cutting the pine wood begins, driven by the computers geometric modelling, the machine forms the sculptures waves. This piece is unique in that it also crosses both disciplines of art, sculpture and oil painting. The wood is then painted in the time honored medium of oils. 
Etched by the wind’
600mm diameter

like thoughts inside a dream


There is something very finite about placing a frame around an artwork. The frame gives a border to an artwork, a space between what is real and what is not real. A window to the soul, the setting of a jewel. Up until the Abstract Expressionists did away with them, possibly due to it's old world thinking and the need for a new vernacular. Artworks became a frame-less portal on the wall.

Finding a little treasure like this brass frame in a second hand store is nothing short of a magical adventure, a step back in time. A collector has asked me to create a frame for her painting, wether to create a digital piece which reflects our time, or to create a traditional one by hand because in an age of 3d maybe it is creating a statement to rebel and make somehing


It gives the painting a different context, as did placing a cloud within a box as with my previous series Keepsake of a Cloud.

'Like thoughts inside of a dream'
(Softly into the twilight of night)
Oil on wood in vintage frame.

along the road of dreams


Commission in progress, 'along the road of dreams'. The inspiration for this piece is again capturing a painting that feels like a recollection or memory. Giving dream like qualities to the paint texture and sunrise colours.

Morning light is unlike any other light during the day, both symbolically and literally. The prospects of a new day, a new dawn, a chance to try again. This painting, like a lot of others, chooses when it wants to show up. Some days that energy of the muse is there and others she's away on holidays. Those days are great for reading and sketching ideas. This one sort of appeared on her own, at times it really does feel like you are a vessel for something other than yourself, and you are the transcriber. A client had asked for a particular painting that has already sold, while recreating it and struggling to render the same painting, this one decided to show up. Also on my mind and of great influence is the recent film Blade Runner 2049.  As a huge fan of the original movie, Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, is now part of an epic saga with Blade Runner 2049, a masterpiece after its predecessor. Upon a second viewing it was a visually stunning sequel that adds amazing depth and questions to the original story line. The original film score by Vangelis, which is totally incredible and sets the tone for the whole world, is somehow still retained. The cinematography brings a contemporary but similar visual brilliance as seen in the first film. Staying true to the book and the thread of truth that a life is still a life, replicant or human. It is our humanity and empathy that is in question. Memories and recollections, a theme that recurs in my work.

Oil on canvas. 1000x400 mm