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golden reverie

golden reverie

Latest painting, fresh off the easel. A 'golden reverie' on the face of the water. Water is a wonderful metaphor for emotions. The play of light, on the edge of realism and abstraction, this series seeks to evoke the movement of light, fractured light. Taking off from impressionism and Monets Water Lilly series, this series seeks to capture a slight digital artifact, the fracture painting technique I'm developing with the oil paint, captures a memory of golden sunlight reflected on the waters surface, a gentle breeze, sparkling light.
Impressionistic pixelism.

Solo Exhibition

solo exhibtion

Such a fabulous Solo Exhibition Opening  Thank you to all you peeps that made it out to celebrate, support and share this special evening of art and delicious food and drinks at Cafe Polo Gallery. Curated by the incredible artist Lynne Sandri Photos thanks to Maria Shadbolt
Shows on until the 14th of May, pop in and have a visual and culinary treat.


canvas200 NZAFA


The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Wellington has its annual Canvas200. Come and see works contributed by established New Zealand Artists to add to your collection.

5:30 Thursday the 21st of March, tickets can be purchased at
Randomly numbered artworks will be gifted according to the number on your ticket.

"The refusal of nature". Oil on wood.

virtual reality


New beginnings, new ideas, new content and themes. The start of an idea that has whirled around in my head for a good few years. My new series is focusing on the figure. In particular motion of the figure

through photographic image capture.  Nothing new to the world of fine arts, but definitely well worth exploring as it relates to our times, a snapshot of our time. We live in an age of digital manipulation, virtual reality, 3d immersive content, a world that is always in flux, transient, in motion. This series is seeking to explore that. Watching my children enter this

age brings about many experiences for them and myself as an observer, that are very different to my own childhood. So here begins "illustion of time". This series will be part of my Solo show

in May, along with a collection of transient Cloud paintings from the past year.

Belinda Griffiths : Solo Exhibition

1st of May, Cafe Polo, 6:30pm

NZ Academy of Fine Arts Spring Exhibition

Belinda Griffiths latest exhibition news. Wall sculpture ready for the NZ Academy of Fine Arts Spring Exhibition.

The face of the ocean, etched by the wind, it's patterns and muted tones carved into wood.An organic, swirling dramatic ocean that binds us to the land. These intimate sized wall pieces, in subtle and naturalistic colors, you have the sense of a piece of the ocean stopped in a moment of time. Evoking memories of the seaside and the colossal unharnessed power of nature. A new technology has been developed in collaboration with my husband to bring these amazing works.